• By Opal Mita | January 4, 2016
    After two years of deliberation, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights recently issued two judgements declaring the State of Honduras responsible for the violation of collective ownership rights and the lack of judicial protection in a case brought before them by a Grassroots International partner. The ruling extends protection to Garifuna (...
  • By Claire Gilbert | December 18, 2015
    Last year I had the honor of travelling to the West Bank with a delegation of 15 donors, activists and organizers all committed to winning the recognition of basic human rights in Palestine.  We spent an afternoon in the village of Al Hadidiya in the Northern Jordan Valley.  There Abu Saqer and his large family live.  Abu Saqer was...
  • By Lydia Simas | December 18, 2015
    Monsoon rains are a key part of the ecosystem in India, with whole regions depending on the seasonal monsoons for their water throughout the year. But this season’s monsoon brought a downpour of historic magnitude in the state of Tamil Nadu, destroying tens of thousands of homes and livelihoods.This is what the destructiveness of climate change...
  • By Carol Schachet | December 16, 2015
    Among the thousands of activists gathered in Paris as part of the Peoples Climate Summit, Hiba Al-Jibeihi represented multiple movements -- gender justice, land rights, food sovereignty, Palestinian human rights and, of course, climate justice. She wore the flags of the Via Campesina (a Grassroots International partner) and the Union of...
  • By Jonathan Leaning | December 11, 2015
    Together with our supporters, during 2015 Grassroots International championed hands-on solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face: hunger, violations of human rights, climate justice and economic disparity. At this moment, we stop to celebrate some of the remarkable achievements from the last year.
  • By Lydia Simas | December 11, 2015
    Earlier this month Grassroots International hosted a screening of the film This Changes Everything, a powerful documentary by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein about the connections between climate change and our current economic system. Based on Naomi Klein’s book (This Changes Everything: Climate vs. Capitalism), the documentary poses the question, “...
  • By Carol Schachet | December 11, 2015
    One of the common themes coming from the streets of the Climate Justice Summit in Paris (and not heard in the offical government negotiations) is a clear linking of capitalism's insatiable appetite and climate disruption. Two Grassroots International partners offered these reflections.
  • By Carol Schachet | December 9, 2015
    Thousands of frontline community leaders and activists are rallying in Paris to promote grassroots solutions to climate change. Our own Sara Mersha and Chung-Wha Hong are there with them and sent these snapshots of people carrying the banner for climate justice in our lifetime.
  • By Jovanna Garcia Soto | December 3, 2015
    Descendents of escapees from African slave ships and indigenous communities, the Garifuna people live on the Atlantic coast of Honduras. Their beautiful seascape and ecologically rich lands have attracted aggressive interest from foreign investors for plans ranging from tourist resorts to mining to industrial agriculture.
  • By Lydia Simas | November 25, 2015
    With drums, solidarity, art and action, members of the World March of Women gathered in Cajamarca, Peru this October. This gathering of one hundred women from Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Quebec, United States and Venezuela marked the fourth regional meeting of the World March of Women of the Americas. This also marked the...