• By Nikhil Aziz | November 22, 2013
    Agroecology is not just a way of doing agriculture but, equally importantly, a way of thinking about agriculture holistically, systemically, and ecologically. Along with respect for nature -- the soil, water, seeds, etc. -- there is equally respect for the people (especially women) engaged in agriculture, including their knowledge, experience,...
  • By Carol Schachet | November 7, 2013
    The article below orginally appeared in La Jicarita: An online magazine of Environmental Politics in New Mexico following a presentation by Leonardo Maggi (from the Movement of People Affected by Dams) and Sara Mersha (from Grassroots International).
  • By Claire Gilbert | November 6, 2013
    It has been almost four years since the devastating earthquake of 2010 shook Haiti to its core. In the aftermath—amid grand plans to ‘build back better’ and huge promises of international aid—more than 1 million people settled into makeshift camps, their homes destroyed by the quake. Many of these camps were in public areas, highly...
  • By Mina Remy | November 5, 2013
    Image taken from Google Earth showing the area and proposed canal ringed in yel
    The $10-billion proposed canal would divert water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea in an effort to save the later from “environmental degradation.” The project is a partnership between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. Grassroots International partners the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Palestinian Agricultural Relief...
  • By Carol Schachet | October 31, 2013
    Carlos Henríquez can talk about fertilizer for hours. He knows what mix of ingredients will help certain crops grow better, the right “recipe” for creating well-balanced compost and fertilizers, the best ways to keep moisture in the soil even in dry spells.
  • By Claire Gilbert | October 29, 2013
    The narrative below is the second in a series of three stories documented by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), a Grassroots International partner since 1996.
  • By Claire Gilbert | October 25, 2013
    In Des Moines Iowa last week, in a stunning example of irony three genetic engineers were given the World Food Prize. The award winners are major developers of the now 20-year-old science and technology behind genetically modified organisms (GMOs), a highly contentious and potentially hazardous substitute for age-old agricultural knowledge...
  • By Carol Schachet | October 22, 2013
    Throughout the year, leaders in the movement for land and water rights and struggles for food sovereignty have sent video congratulations to Grassroots International on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary. The compilation below is just some of them. We thank our partners and allies for their warm greetings. Together we will continue...
  • By Claire Gilbert | October 16, 2013
    The narrative below is the first in a series of three stories documented by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), a Grassroots International partner since 1996.
  • By Mina Remy | October 10, 2013
    Strength through unity.That is the motto on the Haitian flag, and it is being played out now in a new collaboration among the country’s leading social movements.Each of the four largest Haitian peasant movements have storied histories individually and now collectively under the umbrella of the Group of Four (G4). In Kreyol the G4 is called “4...