• By Sara Mersha | July 12, 2013
    President Obama announced his new Climate Action Plan before an audience of college students at Georgetown University on June 25,  Countless young people, environmental activists, and most importantly, communities most impacted by climate change both in the US and around the world, have long awaited the chance to hear President Obama lay out...
  • By Saulo Araujo | July 11, 2013
    Flyer for Brazilian General Strike
    Millions of Brazilians are marching today (July 11) in another demonstration of the vitality of national social movements. The demonstrations taking place in different major cities across the country follow last month’s historic marches.            Building on the political momentum created by the massive mostly youth...
  • By Carol Schachet | June 25, 2013
    Earlier this month, hundreds of small farmers from dozens of countries gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia for the 6th International Congress of the Via Campesina. 
  • By Mina Remy | June 18, 2013
    Cover of the new book , Fault Lines
    The catastrophic earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010 revealed two parallel stories, although only one has made it into the mainstream. The story most people are familiar with is how the international community swept into Haiti, some with the best of intentions, to deliver disaster aid amid a flurry of chaos. As those who followed that story know,...
  • By Nikhil Aziz | June 17, 2013
    Ingredients: 183 member organizations. 88 countries. 5 continents. 500 representatives of 200-plus million women and men. Numerous allies from movements of  women, indigenous peoples, fishers, pastoralists, environmental/climate justice activists and more. One global peasant movement. All with fearless commitment to social, economic and...
  • By Nikhil Aziz | June 12, 2013
    Our Palestinian partners frequently tell us: “To stay – and, frankly, to exist – is to resist.” I heard this same message during the 3rd International Youth Assembly of La Via Campesina (LVC). In a world where the ability to live a dignified life as a small farmer is increasingly challenging whether in Iowa or Indonesia the act of...
  • By Nikhil Aziz | June 10, 2013
    Photo courtesy of the Via Campesina
    This June, I traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia for the Via Campesina’s – a Grassroots partner – 6th International Congress. The Via’s International Women’s Commission kicked off the Congress by organizing the 4th International Women’s Assembly for two days from June 6-7.
  • By Shannon Duncan Bodwell | June 3, 2013
    On May 25 activists, farmers and consumers in 52 countries and 436 cities around the world united to March Against Monsanto. The grassroots Facebook campaign was started by Tami Monroe Canal who wanted to protect her two daughters. “I feel Monsanto threatens their generation’s health, fertility and longevity,” said Tami.
  • By Saulo Araujo | May 22, 2013
    The stories of industrial agriculture as the only solution to end hunger re-emerge here and then, like weeds. At least, as biological indicators of soil quality and fertility, weeds are telling us the truth. The myth that we need to have petroleum-based agriculture and monocrops to feed the world is a lie that agribusinesses like Monsanto want to...
  • By Jonathan Leaning | May 20, 2013
    In the news lately for asserting its [extended] patent rights and squelching attempts to label genetically modified foods, the mention of the word ‘Monsanto’ likely conjures up images of family farmers being sued, Agent Orange, the notorious rBGH growth hormone for cows, the suspected carcinogen saccharin, and many other notorious legacies. Now...