• By Saulo Araujo | July 20, 2012

  • By Mina Remy | July 20, 2012
    Peasant farmers working their land in the Central Plateau
    For Haitian peasants July 23, 1986, will always be remembered with sadness and renewed conviction. On that day at least 139 peasants were killed in Jean-Rabel, located in the Northwest of the country, by Tonton Macoutes following orders from local landowners. Most of the peasants killed were advocating for land reform by contesting...
  • By Saulo Araujo | July 19, 2012

    Two excellent pieces written recently about the intersection of the June 22 coup d’état in Paraguay and land issues offer a clear analysis of the core issues behind the power struggle in the South American nation.

  • By Mina Remy | July 16, 2012

  • By Mina Remy | July 2, 2012
    Building of the Wall in Shu'fat refugee camp, East Jerusalem, 12.27.2011

    The Separation Wall is now 10 years old. The Israeli government has not reversed course despite protests, a UN General Assembly resolution (ES-10/13), an International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion, and almost unanimous international condemnation.

  • By Carol Schachet | June 14, 2012

    The day-to-day struggle in Palestine centers on access to and control of land and water. Not only are these vital resources critical to self-determination, but they are necessary for life. And in Gaza, the five-year Israeli-imposed blockade and unrepaired destruction from Operation Cast Lead have pushed the population into dangerous health...

  • By Mina Remy | June 5, 2012
    Denuded Mountains in Haiti

    In anticipation of World Environment Day today, June 5, 2012, Haiti’s Minister of Environment, Joseph Ronald Toussaint, and the Martelly government proclaimed June Environment Month in Haiti. The theme for this year’s month-long celebration is, “A Green Economy for an Environmentally Viable, Sustainable, and Just Haitian Society.” As part...

  • By Saulo Araujo | June 5, 2012

    Yesterday I spoke with two members of Brazil’s Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) in Sao Paulo City. MAB is an inspiring organization formed by families who have been displaced by mega-dams in Brazil. Grassroots supports MAB in the organizing of displaced families, or atingidos, so they can collectively defend their land, water...

  • By Mina Remy | May 22, 2012
    The once lush hills of Haiti are now dry and sandy due to deforestation

    Haiti is not as devoid of resources as you have been led to believe.

  • By Saulo Araujo | May 18, 2012