2014 Annual Report: Recipes for a Sustainable Future

For more than three decades of activism and creative partnership, the Grassroots International community has shared countless meals and many struggles for justice with our friends. Along the way, we have gathered lots of recipes. In this year’s Annual Report, we share a few of those recipes. Some are for dishes made from foods grown by the farmers and indigenous peoples you support through your contributions to Grassroots International.

Other, more metaphorical “recipes” create movements instead of meals. We need these recipes, too, because a truly sustainable world will only come about through a global movement of grassroots communities and friends like you.

Peasant farmers around the world are working to free local and national food production from a global corporate system that destroys their livelihoods and communities, poisons their land and water and uproots their traditional foodways and cultures. Around the world, Grassroots International partners with organizations that nurture an alternative approach to growing called agroecology that values people, communities and the planet over corporate profits. Agroecology cools the planet in several ways, including rebuilding organic matter and nourishing depleted soil.

You can read specific examples of sustainable “recipes,” as well as see some of the people and communities on the frontlines of the movement for global social change. Here are a few highlights:

  • Grassroots International continued to provide critical support to dynamic movements, both domestically and abroad. Over $1.2 million in the form of cash grants and material aid bolstered movements for human rights, food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods.
  • As before, Grassroots International maintained an efficient operation, devoting more than 75 percent of spending to grants, education and program services.
  • The delegation to Palestine brought donors face-to-face with the situation on the ground, and the resilient civil society groups there.
  • Together with our partners and allies, Grassroots International pushed global voices from affected communities to the front of the March for Climate Justice.

In addition to our Annual Report, please refer to our Financial Report and our Form 990.

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