The Other Sides of the Story: An Education for Action Curriculum for a Just Peace in Israel/Palestine

The Other Sides of the Story, is an interactive curriculum designed to spur productive dialogue and motivate participants to work for a just peace in the Middle East. Using visuals, testimonies, and experiential exercises, participants learn about U.S. policy towards Israel/Palestine as well as the human impact of Israeli occupation.

The curriculum’s exercises seek to engage the learner in answering the following questions:

  • How does the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories affect ordinary Palestinians and Israelis?
  • What is U.S. policy towards Israel and Palestine?
  • How can someone living in the U.S. become involved in advocacy and action for justice and peace in the region?

Participatory activities open doors to further education and action. Grassroots has used the curriculum to facilitate interactive conversations with over 600 people in a variety of community and faith-based settings.

Download the curriculum and the appendixes.

Download the facilitator's guide.

Download a 1.5 hour workshop sample and a 2 hour workshop sample.