Social movements are the backbone of social change, so a world that is more just requires us to build upon the strength of vibrant progressive movements. Grassroots International’s grantmaking program is designed to provide critical support to the most vital and effective social movements in the global South, particularly rural movements that are struggling for the right to food, land and water.

We provide financial support both to the movements themselves and to the organizations and institutions that help them do their work. We are particularly excited to be working closely with the Via Campesina, an international confederation of family farmer, peasant, landless worker, fisher, indigenous and other small-scale producer and rural movements.

Grassroots International has adopted a strategy of multi-layered funding that is both horizontally broad and vertically deep. This means that we support movements and organization that are a part of broad networks or coalitions while deeply engaging with multiple levels of their work – from local to international.

Our grants fall into three categories:

  • Sustainable livelihood grants, which provide “seeds and tools” and other basics necessary for communities to have control of their own food systems and other important natural resources
  • Movement building grants, which nurture leadership (especially among women and youth) and help our partners organize, advocate and communicate with their constituents, their governments and the world at large
  • Grants for defending human rights, to protect the civil and political rights of activists and to provide legal aid during the inevitable clashes with power that activists everywhere must endure.

We are not an endowed foundation. The active support of generous individuals and foundations – from small gifts to sizable special donations – make all our work possible. We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

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