Workplace Giving

Each year, approximately $4.8 billion is donated to America's charities through workplace giving campaigns. Your employer can set up workplace giving in a variety of ways, but matching gifts programs and workplace giving campaigns are the most common.

Double or even triple the impact of your gift!

Did you know that many companies offer a matching gift program as a benefit to their employees?  As many as one in ten gifts that we receive is eligible to be matched by the donor's employer.  Some companies will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees.

Ask your Human Resources representative or Charitable Giving/Grants Department if they match charitable contributions as an employee benefit.

Donate via a workplace giving campaign

Some employers offer employees the option of giving a small percentage of each of their pay checks to a specific nonprofit through a workplace giving campaign. Please see if we're included in yours, or ask if write-ins are accepted. It's fast, easy, and a great way to keep track of the tax benefits of charitable giving.

Are you a state or federal employee?

If so, you can give to Grassroots via one of the many state or Combined Federal Campaigns (CFCs). Please consider selecting Grassroots as a recipient of your workplace giving. If you don't see us listed on your state campaign, let us know.

More questions?

If you have questions about these ways of giving or have other ideas we haven't mentioned, please contact Shannon Duncan at 617.524.1400.