House Parties

Would you like to help Grassroots International grow its circle of supporters?

As our name implies, we have built our organization through the power of grassroots fundraising.

We count on people like you to spread the word that another world is indeed possible.

House parties are an excellent way to introduce new people to the effective, hopeful work of our partners and to broaden support for Grassroots International. We would be happy to work with you to host a fun gathering of friends and colleagues featuring rich discussion on pressing global issues.

Topics include food sovereignty in Brazil and the U.S., the role of land and water rights in the Middle East conflict and the best ways to support sustainable rural development around the globe.

We generally wrap up the evening with a productive passing of the hat.

We can tailor a brief program for your home, business or place of worship with stories about life-changing community-led projects to save heirloom seeds and supply safe, clean drinking water in arid communities.

We guarantee that we’ll generate lively conversation and support for inspiring activist organizations around the world.

To set up a house party or for more information, please contact Carol Schachet at 617 524 1400 or email