Take Action

Knowing the truth is one thing. Doing something about it is another. We invite you to do something by becoming an activist for food sovereignty and the human right to land, water and food.
At Grassroots International, partnerships are the core of our advocacy work. Our global partnerships guide our advocacy actions, and we ask ourselves questions like: “How does a Haitian peasant experience U.S., corporate and global institutions’ policies and procedures?” and, “What can we do to influence our decision makers and offer a hand of solidarity?”
And our advocacy partnerships impact our ongoing strategies. We work in coalitions—national and international—with targeted constituencies and organizations advocating for fair agricultural and trade policies and for citizens’ rights to food, water and healthy communities.

Here are a few ways you can take action that will make a difference:

Support the Global Agrarian Reform Campaign

The Global Agrarian Reform Campaign lies at the heart of the Via Campesina’s work. The Via Campesina is a global movement of family farmers, agricultural workers and rural communities that fight for alternatives to corporate-controlled agricultural policies. Their Global Agrarian Reform Campaign advocates for peoples’ rights to land to grow food.

Internationally, they seek to influence the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization to promote international principles and policies guaranteeing fair distribution of land. To advance agrarian reform at the local level, they work with the FoodFirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) to alert the public of specific land rights violations from Brazil to Indonesia. To support rural peoples’ land rights, sign up for FIAN’s Emergency Network at www.fian.org.

Join the Campaign to Ask TIAA-CREF to Divest from Elbit

The Wall, currently being built by Elbit Systems Ltd., separates Palestinian families from thousands of acres of farmland, aqueducts and wells. To make way for the massive structure, more than 100,000 olive trees have already been uprooted. And with each slab of concrete erected and security trench expanded, Elbit reaps ever greater profits while Palestinians endure violations to their resource and human rights.

TIAA-CREF, one of the world's largest retirement funds, invests nearly $1.7 million in Elbit. Despite its claim to provide "Financial Services for the Greater Good," TIAA-CREF continues to place its money in Elbit (and the Wall).
Grassroots International joins with our ally Jewish Voice for Peace and invites you to join with us in a campaign to ask TIAA-CREF to divest from Elbit Systems Ltd.