Where We Work

Grassroots International works around the globe. Our current core partnerships consist of rural, indigenous, or women-led organizations and movements in the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Within these regional or country programs, our partners work at the local, national, and international levels. Our partner the Vía Campesina, for example, includes member organizations from more than 70 countries. We have also supported critical organizing and learning exchange initiatives in Asia and Africa. And here in the U.S., we work with national, regional and local groups and do education and advocacy to support the global movement for social justice.

A key element of our work is bridging the geographic, political, and economic gaps that separate movements and organizations from one another. Lives around the world are shaped not just by their own national agenda, but by policies that cross borders such as “free” trade agreements, militarization, market-based international climate treaties, and the U.S. Farm Bill—which effectively sets international commodity prices. Policies like these, shaped by the U.S. government, champion corporate takeovers of precious community resources like land, seeds, and water—the very resources communities need to be resilient in the face of worsening climate crisis, which is itself fueled by many of these same policies. The results are disastrous: rural economies suffer economic depression; families in the countryside are torn apart as laborers leave the community in search of work; indigenous peoples’ cultures and ways of life are further threatened as their territories become battle grounds; access to water becomes a privilege; ethnic conflicts are fueled by struggles for control of resources; and transnational corporations tighten control over local and national resources.

With all of these challenges, it is key for social movements to come together to address these issues across borders. Grassroots International is honored to support these social movements and grassroots organizations that are working for justice and resource rights within their communities and across continents.

Grassroots International currently works in the following places: