Stop the Wall Campaign

The Stop the Wall Campaign is a coalition of Palestinian non-governmental organizations and neighborhood committees that work to stop the construction of the Separation Wall inside the 1967 borders of the West Bank.

The Wall’s route currently snakes through the West Bank cutting off many communities from one another and from their agricultural land. The World Court in the Hague ruled in 2004 that the Wall violates international law.

The campaign educates and organizes affected communities and their allies at the local, national and international levels. The campaign’s efforts are focused on stopping and dismantling the Separation Wall, and opposing Israel’s policy of land and resource confiscation from Palestinians living under occupation.

Grassroots International provides support to the Stop the Wall campaign both to document and publicize the Wall’s human and environmental impacts as well as to ensure that farmers’ lands don’t lay fallow but rather are worked and harvested by solidarity committees.