United States

Our international partners are, as you might imagine, welcome our support. But they’ve also pressed us: It’s not enough, they say. You have to change the U.S. policies that open the world to U.S. corporations and make it so hard for small producers around the world to protect our livelihoods, they tell us.

To answer that call, we have increased our support to powerful activists who can do just that. And we support and collaborate with U.S. groups seeking links to global movements. For example, along with allies such as WhyHunger and Food First, we are founding members of the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance, a vibrant national network of rural farmers, urban agriculture and food justice activists, and non-profit advocacy groups working to challenge corporate control of agriculture and to nurture locally-controlled food systems.  Grassroots is also a member of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (which advocates for a just peace in the Middle East), and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Although the vast majority of our funding is directed overseas, a recent grant supports the creation of an office for La Vía Campesina’s North American work. The Vía is the world’s leading social movement for family farmers, community fishers, landless and agricultural workers, and other small producers. A grant to the National Family Farm Coalition supports their Food Sovereignty work to change U.S. agricultural policy for the betterment of family farmers around the world. Our work with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives supports Black farm leaders in the southern U.S., while our collaborations with the Border Agricultural Workers Project and the Coalition of Imokalee Workers supports farmworker organizing along the US/Mexico border and in southern Florida.

We regularly bring our overseas partners to meet with U.S. audiences—including the U.S. Congress—to talk about what it feels like to be on the receiving end of U.S. agriculture, trade, development and foreign policy. These visits help us create educational materials based on our partners’ daily experiences, teaching tools that share stories of action and hope.